28 February 2010


Hi, My name is Irfan, I live in Dubai and I am working as a Project Manager(IT) in UAE Government. I have been into the field of programming professionally for around 8 years. and have previously worked in roles such as Software developer and Consultant. Its been around 1 year in my current job. I have a lovely family with my Wife, Mom & 1 beautiful kid.

Although I am pretty much happy & satisfied with my life right now, there is a missing feeling troubling me for quite sometime regarding my career, Government jobs in UAE are very laid back and everything happens at a very slow pace. Another trend is to depend on vendors for projects rather than building solutions on your own. Therefore, my growth in terms of new technologies and IT trends has been left with just reading few articles here and there.

The burning question for me was what will I be after a couple of years in this job and if in case I need to move to another company will I be able to cope up with the technological advancement during the time. So after giving it a thought for couple of months(Ya I've become really slow, I know!!) I decided to do something about it.

My first target is to setup a small study & work area at my place. My next post will be related to this and will take you the first few steps I took to get my career back on track.


  1. I hope no one from you current work is going to read this ;-)

  2. "Government jobs in UAE are very laid back and everything happens at a very slow pace..."

    i wudnt write it out publicly if i were you! ;)

    Happy blogging! :)