01 March 2010

First Step

Hi, Big day today. I am finally going to buy a new machine. Buying a computer is not that simple, there are just too many choices :S. but I had to set my priorities. My first priority was to set a dedicated place for work away from TV and bed :), so I decided to have a desktop PC instead of a laptop, secondly in the price range I am looking for I ll get a far superior customized desktop machine than a branded laptop. I opted to go for PC rather than MACs because MACs are insanely expensive. I've put a 3k AED budget for my machine and the price quotations I took from shops I think I ll get a good deal. and incase I need to work on the MAC platform I will build a VM for it.

I will post the full specifications of the machine once I get it but basically I am going for a

The shop told me that it will take around 1 day to get the machine. so in the meantime I ll also need to get a computer table and chair and might visit Ikea for that, as they have good collection.

My wife was a little skeptical about all this as I frequently gets these rush of blood and enthusiasm that fades away rather quickly, but I need to prove her that this time I am really serious about work :D.

Wish me luck


  1. Too bad i read it too late or i would have adviced you to buy 8 or 6 Gb of RAM. most of the new exciting MS server technologies (specially if you build VMs) would require that much of RAM.

  2. I have the option to expand as the motherboard supports upto 8 GB but right now it was going beyond my budget so may be next month