03 March 2010

The Machine has Arrived

Atlast I've got the machine!, first to blame is the Dubai weather which kept me from going to Computer market day before yesterday, anyways I went yesterday, explore a good number of 5-6 shops got the idea of the price ranges and then bought 1. Had to go with lots of permutations and combination of PC specifications to fit the bill in my budget but at the same time do not compromise that much on the machine, The machine cost totaled to 2900 AED ~ 790 USD . I'll take you through my machine specs in a while but guess what, The freaking thing is not working when I brought it home :'( . I plugged in everything and when I started it, after few seconds it beeps and there is no display. To check whether its a problem of my monitor I plugged it with my laptop and it worked like charm. It must be the CPU, anyways I ll take it back to the shop and hopefully get it resolved today. Coming back to the specifications of the machine.

  1. Processor -- Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 GHz
  2. Motherboard -- Gigabyte EP-41 UD3L
  3. Memory -- Patriot 2GB SLS x 2
  4. Storage -- Western Digital 500 GB SATA
  5. Optical Drive -- LG 24x SATA
  6. Graphics Card -- ASUS 9500 GT 1 GB
  7. Casing -- AOpen ES55D
  8. Monitor -- LG LCD W2243s 22''
  9. Network Interface -- D-Link DWA-510
  10. Input Device -- Logitech EX1000
It turned out to be quite decent machine, hopefully I ll get the issue resolved ASAP and will then post the performance results.


  1. why you didn't add a SSD to your system, so your operating system will runs faster and 500GB WD you already have for your storage.

  2. I agree SSD is super fast but its super expensive as well 64 GB SSD is 1250 AED almost half the price of my full PC